Valentine’s Day – Love or Loathe?

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It only seems like five minutes ago since Christmas and already the shops are full of Valentine’s Day and Easter merchandise. Some may think it’s too soon, others love being organised. With little over a month to go where do you stand?


Me? Well I was planning to do what I always do which is leave it until a few days before and join the rest of the city crammed into one single aisle in the supermarket, stretching over strangers in an attempt to select the best suited card before admitting defeat and settling for anything just so that I can get out of there!


However this year my news year’s resolution is to be more organised with birthdays, valentines and the million other things I have to buy for throughout the year and that is why I have made it my mission to beat the crowds and start preparing for Valentine’s Day now! (That is also why Daily Deal Finder was born – if I am planning to be organised myself then why not help others along the way?!)


I have already decided to make my own card, now those who know me will think this is hilarious as I am not creative in the slightest but new year new challenges and all that! I have found some perfect supplies in Hobbycraft and I feel really motivated.


Next is the present. Shall I play it low key like I do every year (ok, ok we have already established that it’s low key because it’s last minute!) or shall I pull something completely unexpected out of the hat? As I am trying to be uber organised I am swaying towards the latter and I have come up with a list:


  • Virgin One-Hour Hot Air Balloon Flight – this looks amazing! But there are many factors to consider here. Heights – what if it is scary? Weather – what if it rains or worse still is windy? Noise – are hot air balloons noisy as shouting to hear each other isn’t romantic at all is it? Other people – I think this is a group booking so again not sure on the romance factor? The champagne landing sounds a safe bet though! This one is still high on the list of possibilities.


  • Afternoon Tea – again another popular contender. I have found some great options here ranging from traditional, to champagne, to luxury. There are so many to choose from but as they all sound so amazing I don’t know where to start!






So now you can see my dilemma and that’s before I even dare look at Red Letter Days and their amazing January sale!


Has this blog post helped or hindered you? Do you love or loathe Valentine’s Day?


Please leave a comment below and let me know, it would be awesome to hear from you! It would also be great to read about your best and worse valentine’s gifts!


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