Product Recall and Safety Notice – Next Children’s Robes

799768, 790152, 936100 Robes

Have you purchased the following Children’s Robes for your child, family members or friends:

  • 355933
  • 394242
  • 402567
  • 799768
  • 790152
  • 936100

Unfortunately these have been recalled as the cotton jersey hood lining used in the initial deliveries of these styles doesn’t meet the stringent flammability requirement set out in the UK Nightwear (Safety) Regulations.


What to do if you have one of these items

You can either call Next on 0333 777 8185 to arrange a collection, or return them to your local store. A full refund will be given.


If you purchased the pink spot robe (799768) or grey rabbit robe (790152) after 13/10/2015 (batch code 15/09), they do not need to be returned as the jersey hood lining has been removed and the robes comply with all the relevant safety requirements.


Next apologises for any inconvenience caused.


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