Mummy, how did the baby get into your tummy?


Yes you guessed it, the inevitable happened!! 30 weeks into my so far plain sailing pregnancy and my three year old asks the dreaded question; “Mummy, how did the baby get into your tummy?”

After what felt like an eternity I finally blurted out the words “by magic”. Epic fail!! What was I actually thinking?? Clearly not much!

“Magic?” asked the curious three year old, “like on Ben and Holly?” Oh dear what had I started? I could feel the panic rise as the

glare from my inquisitive child continued, “Ooooo Ben and Holly, shall we see if that is on?” Yes, a temporary reprieve.

Fast forward a few hours and Daddy arrives home from work… “Daddy, how did the baby get into Mummy’s tummy?” From the safety of the kitchen I listen on and quietly smirk! Daddy was no better than me as he thinks it’s funny to simply reply “Mummy swallowed it”.

Cue the now scared child to come racing into the kitchen and demand to know why I swallowed the baby, not only did this put me back on the spot but now it led to another question… “So how will the baby come out?”

Arrrggghhhhhh!! This saga continued for a few days, everything I said led to “why?” or to more questions. I really wasn’t expecting it and it caught me totally by surprise.

How did you explain your pregnancy to other children? I need to be more prepared next time!!


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