In the beginning there was chaos….


Here at Daily Deal Finder we welcome guest bloggers and this is a fantastic and honest piece written by Katie Scott….


Let me start by introducing you to my crazy little life. I’m a 28 year old married mum of 2 currently diving in a haze of disorganisation with a head full of great ideas on how to fix this mess but no clue how to actually get started! The motivation behind my desire to become a domestic goddess is our impending house move following which I refuse to be the butt of my dads jokes about my lack of domestic prowess any longer!

So I’m left with the question where to start? I currently sit in my front room surrounded by a pile of unfolded washing, last nights dinner plates, an array of toys and a menagerie of plastic and stuffed animals left strewn across the floor by my 3 year old before she went to nursery this morning. I’m running on my morning Starbucks coffee rush and listening to my 4 month old snoring whilst scratching my head looking at a blank piece of paper and a pencil hoping for inspiration for my to do list to spring from the loose women line up. And that’s just the front room!

My current hope is to organise us into a weekly routine with a beautifully presented whiteboard tick list of daily chores which will leave us with a showroom home that a Stepford Wife would be proud of. In reality I’m prepared to settle for a house where I don’t feel the need to hide behind the hall door and pretend I’m not in if someone were to turn up unannounced.

Since I’m currently on maternity leave I’m setting myself a target of having our (new) house organised and being in a routine before adding in the chaos of getting back to work and juggling childcare into the mix. So  in short, 7.5 weeks and counting to change 28 years of terrible habits, wish me luck!


Can you relate to Katie? Do you have any tips for her? 


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