Do you still do a weekly food shop?


Hands up how many of us can honestly say that we still do a weekly food shop? I know I can’t!

Gone are the days of the early Sunday morning trip to the supermarket, a trip that would take up a good solid few hours of your R&R time and instead it now seems that we opt to ‘daily shop’ instead.

But is this a good thing? Yes this doesn’t zap huge chunks of our free time (let’s face it, our lifestyles are busy enough already) and yes it means that our fresh foods now stay fresher for longer but what else do we gain from shopping each day?

It is so easy to lose track of the amount that you spend if you do little bits each day, after all the odd £10 here and there doesn’t make that much of a difference right? Wrong!! Quite often now both adult members of the household work, therefore are both equally responsible for doing the shopping and this is where it can easily get out of hand.

I challenge you to write a meal plan for the week and only buy the things that you need, don’t forget to factor in breakfast and lunch too! See how much you spend and compare that to what you think you spend when you shop each day (don’t forget to count all the little non essentials that you pick up when you ‘just pop to the shop for bread and milk’).

I know that I need to get back into the habit of doing one big weekly shop and becoming more organised. I think the results will be startling!!


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