Are Christmas traditions dying out?


I am shocked to read that 16% of people will opt for a takeaway instead of a traditional Christmas roast this year!

Traditions such as pennies in puddings, carol singing and greeting cards are in danger of becoming ghosts of Christmas past as people report that they are now ‘too busy’. Almost 70% complain that they now don’t have time to enjoy and traditional Yuletide activities and that they view shopping as the most important part of Christmas.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am never one to turn my nose up as a modern champagne breakfast but I    was surprised to read that many people now opt for convenience and/or pre-prepared food on Christmas Day.

75% of households in the UK apparently no longer watch the Queen’s speech and unsurprisingly charades is now being replaced by interactive DVD’s and computer games.

What Christmas traditions do you still follow in your house? Maybe it’s time to resurrect some of those that have been long forgotten?


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